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Haddaq Application is considered as a maritime comprehensive society which is specialized in all what's related to the maritime hobbies, including the equipment and devices. It's a chance to facilitate the visitors of the sea to follow up all what's new and modern relating to their hobbies.

Maritime Aid is one of the tasks that the Application provides for all the visitors of the sea.

Therefore, we have granted it high priority that’s clear in all the Application’s pages.

We have also rejected any compulsory advertisements so as not to be contradicted with the importance and speed of reaching to the relief request, whether it’s free or that’s conducted in return for an amount of money.

We have approved our logo

Protect yourself and we other than you

Through this characteristic we hope to achieve our objective, that is:

Enjoyment and safety

Each company or institution specialized in selling the maritime products can, as soon as joining the application; show all products without limits for the shown photos.

They can also put complete explanation for each product, including the price and the other characteristics.

Also, they can add photos or cancel them at any time without taking the approval of the Application Management.

Haddaq application provides presentation platforms
including both:
-The companies and institutions for the maritime
-Workshops for maintaining the boats and maritime
-Alarm showing the expiry date of driving license and
notebook of the boat.
-Leasing the boats and yachts
-Maritime Aid for anyone facing problem in the boat
(free aid and aid in return for an amount of money).
-Showing the used maritime equipment – (boats – Jet
Sky- Machines- …. Etc.)
-Boats washing
-Leasing chalets
The participants of the companies, institutions …etc. can show their
commodities in photos, prices and coordinates of the website as
well as the telephones numbers and the other branches.
Each company, institution or an individual activity for selling the
maritime devices can register through the website and this will
allow them to show and cancel the photos of the equipment
whatever they want without an any intervention on the part of the
Application Management, which meaning that the podium, in its
For more information contact: 38628699 – 07030789 management, is affiliated to the company or the institution.

Out of the important characteristics in the Application are the workshops, as each workshop can register and show its capabilities, skills and kinds of maintenance conducted by it, as well as the coordinates of the website and communication numbers.

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